Twins: Getting you exactly what you need in IT

At Twins we have two teams; one that focuses on long-term recruiting and one that focuses on freelance consultants. To our clients that means that we can help get competent IT hands whether they need employees or if they need to get a project done right now.

At the same time we have a very wide network of consultants and candidates on all levels – and we keep expanding it – so no matter if you need a hardcore senior or a junior fresh from school, we can handpick exactly the person or persons you need.

It is all about getting you what you need. Now.

What can we do for you?

  • Deliver the right IT ressources for employment or projects
  • Flexibility and many years of experience in both IT and recruitment
  • We handpick the IT skills and the personality that matches both the company and the job – you just have to choose from qualified candidates


Contact us for a chat about the competencies your company needs:

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