Senior Lead Developer (Nordic Aviation Capital / Billund)

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Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) is currently looking for a Senior Lead Developer with strong business acumen and desire to serve our customers with unique solutions.

You will join and lead our development team based in Billund and contribute to further development of the “Operating System” of our company. We develop web-based “Line of Business” applications to support our core business: leasing aircraft to customers all over the world.

The company

NAC provides leasing and lease management services to airlines and aircraft investors worldwide. For 30 years NAC’s team of industry experts have been providing flexible, customized and competitive aviation solutions to airlines globally. We are passionate about regional aviation. Our commitment, agility and expertise in delivering the right aircraft for our customers’ needs has enabled us to grow and maintain our position at the heart of regional aviation.

What you will be doing

You will be working on our applications that make up this Operating System that supports the business.

This could be anything in between:

  • Deciding on technologies to use for new projects or features
  • Understanding our domain, and designing de-coupled, maintainable systems
  • Maintaining our Cloud-first setup (Azure and AWS)
  • Building a general data grid that any person can use to group and filter data
  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs or performance issues
  • Decouple monolithic systems into self-contained, Cloud based services
  • Build a fast interface to help our finance and tech ops teams analyze millions of forecasted maintenance events and transactions
  • Integrate with internal or external APIs
  • Expose Web APIs from backend queries
  • Taking lead on new initiatives to enhance customer experience

As a Senior Lead Developer at NAC, you will have end-to-end responsibility. This means, that you will be involved starting from the problem discovery phase, understanding the business and all the way through analysis, design and development to automated deployment, monitoring and operation in the cloud. The development includes both maintenance and optimization of existing legacy systems as well as new initiatives such as a state of the art Customer Portal in the making, a forecasting system for maintenance and finance, CRM and risk management etc.

You will lead the pipeline for future development in close cooperation with the various business units. We expect you can take charge and set direction – with a great ability to think outside the box and work with innovative solutions.

Our developers are empowered to use the best tool for the task, and we encourage our team to be innovative and always seek to find the best ways to create value for our business.


  • First and foremost you see the world from a business and customer angle and you strive to lead your team in that spirit
  • You have a good understanding of modern software practices, object-oriented programming and Cloud architectures
  • You understand modern web technologies
  • You can’t know everything, but you are eager to learn and is not afraid of new technologies
  • Good communication skills, with the ability to communicate in English in all forms
  • Well-practiced with Agile Development Methodology, working in short sprint cycles

Professional qualifications

  • 5+ years’ experience with C#, .NET and ASP.NET Core, Web API or similar frameworks
  • Experience with Angular, TypeScript and similar frameworks
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure and/or AWS
  • Experience with CI/CD, deployments to Cloud environments from GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps

The Team

You will join a highly skilled and passionate team; you will work closely with other people in the business. We are inspired by the agile principles and values informal, engaging and direct communication to establish an understanding of what we need to do, we explore different options and value continuous learning and professional development.

We work from the office in Billund where we have nice surroundings close to the airport, a great canteen with a wide selection of food for lunch and breakout coffee and tea areas to hang out with our colleagues. We offer the flexibility of working remotely during the week.

Why Work for NAC?

NAC is the world’s leading regional aircraft lessor with almost 70 customers in approximately 45 countries. As well as occupying a leadership position in the regional aircraft sector, NAC is expanding into adjacent narrowbody aircraft to diversify its portfolio and leverage its platform excellence and scale. Our overriding goal is to stay the #1 regional aircraft lessor and to simultaneously become a top 10 single-aisle lessor.

We are currently undergoing a restructuring process; upon its successful conclusion, we will emerge a stronger company with a significantly improved balance sheet and new shareholders. In addition, the Company, together with the rest of the aviation sector, is making steady progress recovering from the pandemic. As we pivot towards growth in the near future, there will be ample opportunities for graduates to be part of this exciting new chapter in NAC’s journey.

We have an incredible team of industry professionals with experience that spans decades. The selected graduate will have the opportunity to drive their career forward, leading complex and exciting projects while liaising with teams across the globe. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing, progressive company with a global footprint.

The recruitment process

Twins Recruitment is recruitment partner for this position. We have in depth knowledge of NAC and the department you will be joining. We are here to assist you through the process to secure a good match for both you and the company.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact IT Sourcing Specialist Thomas Bruun on +45 22 20 28 29 or just send your CV to Thomas on start up the dialogue.

Interviews will be held when the right candidate is in sight. All in full confidentiality. We aim to fill the position during March 2022 with an expected start date of May 1st.

You can more about NAC here


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