Senior Test Manager (Freelance / Copenhagen)

Twins Consulting is now looking for a Senior Test Manager for a very exciting and long assignment.


  • Promote/push the defined QA/Test strategy and subsequent practices to the teams (including but not limited to product owners, developers and project managers)
  • Revamp the existing QA and/or Test vision with the Program Directors as well as the relevant stakeholders, to increase buy-in and adoption
  • Facilitate retrospectives and As-Is/To-Be workshops in an attempt to collectively articulate what the organisation/team wants to improve upon in the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Coach/guide/facilitate our clients’ SMEs who are on the receiving end of software from a vendor, to consistently and coherently outline test scope (including but not limited to Business Critical Flows)
  • Review the existing test automation strategy and where necessary, deliver a more comprehensive and contemporary test automation strategy (i.e. revamping how and when to write integration tests, API tests etc.)
  • Increase transparency and visibility into the relevant quality metrics and overall quality of the solution.
  • Act as a liaison for the two Program Management in all matters Test/QA. That includes but is not limited to:
    – To review test reports from the Program and the vendor
    – To support team testers and test managers with guidance and sparring when they need outside counsel
  • Be a member of the leadership team, to ensure a strong QA/Test presence in the decision making
  • Establish and lead a test/QA team at a Program level
  • Be a member of the Bug Review Board and the Bug triaging team (if there is such a Board)
  • Assist in recruiting as well as mentor QAs/Testers who are embedded within the individual teams
  • Interface with internal our customers Test ressources as well as vendors testers
    This could also include contributing with specific vendor management tasks that permeate around QA and/or Testing


Start: Middle of November 2023

End: End of March 2025


Please contact Henrik Schmidt on +45 30 17 99 92 or


Geografi - Copenhagen

Startdato - Middle of November 2023

Slutdato - End of March 2025